The success of an organization lies very much on the team that running it. We at MCQforall.com have a small but versatile set of talents for making this dream into reality.
Virendra Shukla: The man of his words, once committed to do a task should be taken as done. The Developer in his own grace can give a fight to double of his experience. At times he is erratic but works as an ice over fire when given chance to express. God gifted concentrated mind and evolving analytical skill making him more and more valuable resource. He is Master in Computer Application and handles all the technicalities related to MCQforall.com be it coding and handling other different stuffs.
Akanksha Singh: The lady who is trying hard to balance her life between a new born a family and deadlines. A Master in Bio-Tech gives her enough credit to handle the biology and other life science related stuffs.
Sharad : A Bachelor in Computer application student who handles the designing part of MCQforall. You ask him to work in Photoshop or HTML code, he does in his own style. Still learning a lot about complex technicalities but soon will be good resource to work on big projects. He is also handling the Chemistry part of questionnaires.
Himanshu: A sleeping gaint, you can pick much from his calm demeanor but when he is on work his same skill helps him a lot. Completing the work on or before deadline is what his specialization. His is new to this world of web but his zeal to learn new things making his now a serious contender for the slice of the pie. He is an Electrical Engineer and is handling Physics.
Ashutosh: The junior most in the team but a Jack of all trades who crosses many when it comes to work on computer and web based world. He just have given his 10th board exams and is working with us from last 2 years.
Amit K Singh: He is a dreamer who is trying hard from ast many years to make his dream come true. He is a navigator who works two step ahead of the team so that when the team coming behind, should get the clear path.
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