MCQforall.com is an open community where users will be allowed to ask questions to others and post replies on other's asked questions too. This website enables itís user to communicate their views, information, question and other expressible thoughts in written and image format. Since this website is dedicated for the students and the carrier oriented professional so to maintain the decorum we listed the rules to follow for our users to follow while using MCQforall.com.
Data input
1) Do not put obscene, distractive and unlawful content while asking and posting any content.
2) Do not put targeted comments and reply to content to malign and demotivate the contributor.
3) All the content submitted by users on the website will be the available to reproduce and reuse by the MCQforall team.
4) MCQforall team will have all the privilege to edit, remove and delete the userís comment whenever it is required.
Online exam
5) Try to finish the exam in professional manners else your testing attempt will ruin the percentile mechanism.
Online payment
6) MCQforAll will not be responsible for any electronic and network failure while online payment.
7) There will be no refund if customer wants to roll back the decision already taken
8) MCQforall will always be reachable for any kind of assistance in case the users want to consult before or after subscribing the exams.
We expect all our users to go through the terms and condition before using MCQforall. Not following the laid out rules will be resulted into access revocation temporarily or permanently.
MCQforall team is will always have the sole authority to change the rules whenever it feel necessary. Team will communicate itís users on timely basis for any major change in terms and condition.

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