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JEE Mains crash course

ComptetiveExamination is made up of two words. The COMPETITION which means performing faster and better withholding the pressure, fear, nervousness inside you and EXAMINATION which mean knowing the correct answer. You can prepare for an examination even sitting alone in your room but for competition you have to come into the arena. MCQforALL.COM live test series is an attempt to create that arena for you which provide the real exam like scenario with the below given features.
1 : Every LIVE TEST will be available for a certain period to attempt it on a particular date. The date and and timing will be shared well in advance to get prepared for it.  If you are a member of batch and missed the time slot even then you can attempt it but will not be counted as LIVE test candidates.
2: Just after you attempt the LIVE TEST your result will get generated with your rank, percentage and percentile. The Rank and percentile will be a dynamic entity which will keep increasing or decreasing based upon the other test taker performance.
3: Every LIVE TEST will be provided with answer and solution but only once the time duration slot gets over. During the time slot period a LIVE TEST can be attempted only once.
4: Open discussion through facebook or other medium after every LIVE TEST so that we can try to learn maximum from the toppers and better performers.

Here are the benefits you will get by joining MCQforALL.COM JEE MAINS-2020 LIVE TEST Series Batch
FREE Study Materials: Thousand of pages of pdf study materials and videos broken into chapter wise full syllabus of IITJEE.
Sectional Test: Access to Ever increasing sectional test currently in 90 + count to check your preparation.
Previous Year papers: More then 10 JEE Mains and AIEEE previous year papers as PDF for download.
Study Plan: A constructive study plan for JEE Main which is prepared by analyzing previous years for a clearer picture for how to approach the JEE Main exam.
A large user base to ask questions: Open Wall for asking question and other information to all the MCQforALL.COM users.
Facebook groups and pages: Many FB pages and are in talk with us to provide the help and other kind of interactive medium so that no question goes unheard.
Best Ever price structure with goddies to performers, loyalistand affilaters

Date Wise LIVE TEST time table

Date Date Chapter
02nd June Physics Units, Measurements and Dimensions
  Chemistry  Basic concepts of Chemistry-Mole Concept
  Chemistry Classification of Elements and Periodicity
03th June Physics Solids and Semi-Conductor Devices
  Physics Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra
05th June Mathematics Complex Number
05th June Mathematics Quadratic Equations
07th June Physics Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
07th June Physics Laws of Motion
07th June Physics Work, Energy and Power
09th June Chemistry Hydrogen
09th June Chemistry S - Block Element
10th June Mathematics Sequence and Series
11th June Physics Gravitation
13th June Chemistry States of Matter-Gaseous State
13th June Chemistry Chemical Thermodynamics
14th June Mathematics Circle & Conic sections
16th June Physics Rotational Motion and Moment of Inertia
18th June Chemistry Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
19nd June Mathematics Induction & Binomial Theorem
19nd June Mathematics Permutation and Combination
20th June Physics Solids and Fluids
  Mathematics Vectors and 3-D
22th June Chemistry Equilibrium
24st June Physics Electrostatics and Electrodynamics - 1
24st June Physics Electrostatics and Electrodynamics - 2
25st June Chemistry Solid state
25st June Chemistry Redox Reactions and Electrochemical
26rd June Mathematics Matrices and Determinants
28th June Physics Current Electricity
28th June Physics Thermal and Chemical Effects of Current
29th June Chemistry Solutions
29th June Chemistry Chemical Kinetics
  Chemistry Surface Chemistry
30th June Mathematics Limits & Continuity
30th June Mathematics RELATION AND FUNCTION
02th July Physics Magnetic Effects of Current
02th July Physics Magnetostatics
02th July Physics ElectroMag induction & Alternating Current
04th July Chemistry P - Block
04th July Chemistry Principles & Process of Extraction of Elements
04th July Chemistry Nuclear Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
05th July Chemistry General Organic Chemistry
  Chemistry Hydrocarbons
08th July Physics

Electrons and Photons, 

Heat and Thermodynamics,Heating Effects of Current, Sound

08th July Physics Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei
10th July Chemistry D - and F - Block Elements
10th July Chemistry Co-ordination Compounds and Organometallics
11th July Mathematics Differentiation & Applications
12st July Physics Ray Optics
12st July Physics Wave Optics
14th July Mathematics Integration Calculus
14th July Mathematics Area Under Curve
16th July Chemistry Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
16th July Chemistry Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
16th July Chemistry Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

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