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Why and How should I Register

Why should I register
You able to see almost every thing even if you are not registered however to give Tests, to read Study Materials and use social media you have to be a registered member.
How to Register

  1. Fill the data given at right most side and press Submit buttons.
  2. You will receive mail from Mcqforall, open and click over the activation link.
  3. Once your account get activated, you are now ready to go.
  4. Your login should work now on

Why only 5 exams allowed to select

It is for the purpose to serve you precise data and services based on your selected exams. It will be like to provide latest notifications, study materials, help and other related stuffs. You can change these choices going forward into your profile page.

Iam Registered but still not able to Login

This may be because you have not yet activated your registration. Below are the steps to activate your registration

  1. Open the email which you have used while registration eg: gmail.com or yahoo.co.in
  2. Look into your in-box for the mail from mcqforall.com and if not found then check spam folder or all mail view
  3. Once found open the mail and click over the activation link. Now you are ready to access your account.

Iam not able to find Registration Mail

There are 4 suggestions from us.

  1. Though mail reached instantly but we will suggest you to wait for some more time say about 1-2 hours based on server bandwidth. If still not found mail from mcqforall.com then go for next step.
  2. Check into spam box or other tab like social or Promotion. Not found! go for 3 step
  3. The simplest of all, use the Search facility provided into every mail. Go there type mcqforall and press search button. Still unsuccessful!
  4. Drop a mail to info@mcqforall.com, and one of our representative will help you

Website is not opening properly for me

MCQforALL is developed and tested on Chrome and Mozzila desktop browser. So you may face problem using it on mobile or another browser. We advice you to use this website on Desktop Chrome and Mozzila for an best us of it.

We also want to mention that MCQforALL work seamlessly on every major browser on desktop and mobile both. Our users have not yet reported any major breakout and they use it as per their use.

SUBSCRIPTION : How it works

We believe in "use till you want and pay for same". So if you already know your exam is in next 2 months then you should have the privilege to buy only for the 2 months period and no more than that.

MCQforALL don't ask you to buy but subscribe so that you select your month period you want to use for the exam section and pay for that.

Iam ready to pay the amount how should I pay

You need to pay online and the options are many

  1. Credit Card, Debit Card
  2. NetBanking or Internet Banking
  3. Wallet payment like, PAYTM etc
  4. RUPAY payment

After Paying amount what will I get

You will get the access over every thing that come under that Exam set. Eg: Study materials, Previous Year Papers and other premium tests.

How to use the Discount coupon I have

While Paying the amount for exam you will get the option to put your Discount Coupon if you have. There you have to put that coupon code and that set. Your payment amount will be reduced before your final payment.

How does the Money Back Policy works

MCQforALL believe in total customer satisfaction and Money Back Policy in accordance to it. We give 24 Hours Money back policy without any reason asked. You just have to drop a mail at sales@mcqforall.com and subject line: Money Back Policy: Exam Name and Your Name.

How can I contact MCQforALL.COM

Email Details:
For any help, information or suggestion mail at to : info@mcqforall.com
For business enquiry, sales and marketing purpose: sales@mcqforall.com

Contact Numbers:
Land-Line: 011-25330725 Mobile: +91-9953130689

Benefits You Get Joining MCQforALL

Simplest, Biggest and Most Affordable

Believe it or not, you are now using India's Biggest, Simplest and Most Affordable way for your entrance preparation.

Biggest: More than 72,000 Questions covering 69 Exams. We already have about 1.6 Lakhs attempts in last just one year and growing at the fast past pace.

Simplest: MCQforALL is all about efficiency and speedy access so that you get whatever you need in minimum clicks. Every thing is in your access with in 4 clicks.

Most Affordable:Most of the stuffs are free here on MCQforALL however even if you have pay then the price is so low that you can not deny the fact of it's Affordability.

Seven Essential Tools for Exam Preparation

To clear an entrance Exam you need to have 7 most important tool at once so that you can utilize at any time. NO other website can bring it at one place with such an ease, it's only at MCQforALL.COM

  1. Notifications:: Daily updates of Latest Government Job and Entrance Exams
  2. Syllabus:: Also called at Exam Pattern is given under all the 68 exams.
  3. Study Plan:: Every important exams have their own preparation strategy so you can get this under the study plan for every important exams
  4. Previous Year Papers:: Every exam with authenticated previous year papers which you can download and prepare or take the printout of it.
  5. Study Materials:: Study Materials as PDF and Video is available under the subject chapter section.
  6. Quick Formulae:: It's very helpful when you do not want to read the whole book or even full chapter and just want to go through the important formulae instantly.
  7. Motivations and Expert Help:: Your query will never remain as query and you will definitely get the answer of it. Login and ask your queries to thousands of the candidates just like you.

LIVE Exams- The Real Exam on Real Time

The real Entrance exam is all about a common Exam at a common Timing for all. As of now the only mode of practicing such exam are of coaching center batch where you can hardly judge your self among maximum of 100 batch mates of max 500. However in any given real exam the participants are more than 5 lakhs which is far far more than what you have practiced. So how can you practice your exam on that level so that you get the real exam feel

MCQforALL LIVE Exam is to give you the exact scenario of a real exam so that you get enough practicing before you give any such exam

Uniqueness- The Need of Hour

MCQforALL.COM cover more than 65 entrance exam with more than 7200 tests but it's our challenge you can never get any two test of same type means with same set of questions. Uncertainty of questions inside exams is the real factor why we tend to prepare for it and we at MCQforALL have given an utmost importance for it.

Quality and Refined Study Materials

Be it YouTube video or Pdf materials, every content of study material is prepared with a lot of effort and care. It comes free and you can prepare for it any time with full confidence.

Government Jobs & Entrance Exams info

You run on google to check the latest updates of upcoming Government Jobs and Entrance Exam. Now you no more required to do that,, it's all here on MCQforALL.

A Social side- Paradigm shift

When you login at MCQforALL the first thing you realize is "it's different from inside". Here you get space where you ask your questions with a WALL just like facebook which list down what other have already asked. You can reply their quires and offcourse your queries will also be presented to a large community which take cares of it. So it is just starting for converting this MCQforALL into a more social friendly so that we can prepare in a better way. MCQforALL.COM is a year old startup which is currently focusing on Entrance Preparation so very soon you will a lot of work into social front too.

Support at every point

You can earn while you learn

Yes, We do provide the ways to earn while your are preparing for your exam. Please mail at sales@mcqforall.com with subject Earn while Learn

You connect for a better cause

No body can prepare alone, right from getting updated about latest notifications till the interview and joining. You need peers, mentors who can help you guide you and motivate you. As of now Facebook and whatsapp is the only channel which are existing to facilitate such sharing and help. However there fun is the first motive for joining rather for a serious preparation.

We at MCQforALL are trying to shift this change so that people can connect with each other for a serious preparation and betterment for their future.

We are one of you, you are are one of us

MCQforALL team is a group of Young people preparing for their own entrances and taking time out to keep it updated as well. When you raise we hear you and when you suggest we follow you. So feel free if you find anything that can be improved and have any Idea. We will be happy to hear you from!!

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